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What is this Course all about?

Christians should be unselfish by biblical default. They are supposed to be people who truly want others to partake of their Spirit-driven relationship with CHRIST.

Christians ought to habitually extend their hands of love and fellowship to others far and near. But in reality, while many Christians would like to see the rapid expansion of the kingdom of God on earth, they do not play their part in making it so, due to various surmountable challenges and difficulties.

  • Some are particularly shy about the gospel;
  • Some are too busy at home, work, travel, play;
  • Some believe they do not have a full grip of scriptures on evangelism and salvation - because they worry they won't be accepted/effective if they don't quote the bible extensively;

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What will I get at the end of this course?

Upon completing the course and passing the attendant written tests and practicum, you are expected to:

• Gain a deeper understanding of the pretexts and predicaments of many people living without Christ around the world today. It is important to understand where they are coming from in order to relate appropriately with them in evangelism as Apostle Paul demonstrated, for instance, in Athens in Acts 17: 16-34;

• Gain a deeper insight into the mystery and majesty of Christ's complete and perfect work of redemption on the cross and at resurrection;

• Develop priceless passion and Godly wisdom for evangelizing to the lost, especially those in your specific mission field;

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